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Concrete in foundation building: What you need to know

by Kimberly Jokela 07/31/2022

For centuries, builders have used concrete in foundation building for structures of all shapes and sizes. Concrete foundations are still the most common type of foundation for homes, commercial buildings and everything in between. There are several types of concrete foundation you should know if you’re planning to build a home. Here is a basic guide to the different types of concrete foundation and their benefits:

T-Shaped concrete foundations

T-shaped foundations are commonly used in areas with freezing temperatures. Builders find the frost line in the ground and construct the footing at that level. After constructing the foundation walls, the concrete slab is laid on top.

Slab-on-grade concrete foundations

Slab-on-grade foundations are made of a single layer of concrete. The layer is poured thicker at the edges and gets thinner toward the top of the grade. Wire mesh is used in constructing these foundations to reduce risk of concrete cracking.

Frost protected concrete foundations

Frost protected foundations are used for heated structures. They use two layers of insulation around the outside of the foundation wall to contain heat and let it rise into the building regardless of frost.

Benefits of poured concrete foundations

Poured concrete foundations are the most common type of foundation used for homes and residential buildings, while much larger structures require additional support. They are affordable and offered by countless contractors and construction companies across the globe. Here are some additional key benefits of concrete foundations:

  • Concrete requires practically zero maintenance, making it a worry-free option for homeowners.
  • Poured concrete slab foundations can protect your home from environmental damage including landslides, flooding and fire.
  • Poured concrete is stronger and more stable than block concrete alternatives.
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